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My Best Friends Mixtape

by Mat Heddle (Slur)

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whats with all the hootin and hollerin i be gettin cheese & they lactose intolerant i make money off the weed call it smoke cheeda my only plan now ..is make mo' chedda i dont do the rose , im a moet'r now stop talkin & bring more mo waiter if i want her i bring her home , im a go getter & pj phil im in the zone wit ya im in the palace with ceaser puffin the reffer bud the only time you seen ceasars was a pizza box my girls takin to long in the walk in she needa get the fuck out - ricky martin nobodys ever sonned me, im an orphin i know , your not from here , your a martin you sayin dumb shit fine,one line & put yo fly ass back in district 9 im livin life like the movies you see hangover, but my boys aint losin they teeth fair warning if im talked bout someone catchin the mike tyson knock out playing craps drinkin free liqs thinkin jesus , hit a 7 right now , i need this daddy needs new shoes , lv kicks hittin the attic will make me feel real crisp i should move out here & just a get away forever ever, im an outkast anyway set a date, i stunt on em everyday you little follower you , you been lead astray im on top of the hotel, burning shots of jager in my stomach, turning i got a shit eating grin, from playing craps in the city of sin
Hometown Feat. Mista (free) 03:55
Shine (Prod. VTZ) (free) 02:37
Break Even (Cover) (free) 02:32


released June 1, 2010


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Mat Heddle (Slur) Toronto, Ontario

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